Monday, February 17, 2014

Look Good And Stay Dry With Zara Phillips Clothing

By Eula Nichols

Outdoor sports are extremely popular with horse riding close to the top of the list. Those looking for the very best in outdoor wear should certainly consider Zara Phillips Clothing. Designed and endorsed by one of the top riders of her generation, the line is also practical and stylish.

Both Zara's parents were Olympic level event riders and it is no surprise that their daughter has followed in their footsteps. She grew up on horseback and has always been a talented and dedicated equestrian. Lending her talents to the development of high quality riding clothes is yet another one of her many talents.

Phillips teamed up with the Musto company to add their technical expertise to her equestrian knowledge. Musto have been in business for around fifty years and are best known for their sailing gear. The companies founder, Keith Musto, a sailor himself was looking for water proof clothes and could not find any. Surprisingly, no one was interested in making them, so confident there was a market for these items he founded his own company and went into business.

Sailors and riders have a lot in common. Their sports are both very physically demanding and keep the participants out side in any weather. Competitions go on in just about any conditions and participants must be ready to give their best no matter how they feel.

In addition to the water proofing, the jackets are also tailored to the needs of a rider. They are not bulky and do not restrict movement. Carefully placed vents allow for comfort in the saddle and are perfect for those who spend most of their day riding, such as professional trainers. Even the shirts have amazing attention to detail, including micro polyester pique fabric that wicks moisture away from the body to keep riders comfortable in all weathers.

The best selling Grooms Jacket is loaded with features. Its outer shell is wind and shower proof and the inner layers are light weight yet warm. There is also new technology that wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the rider comfortable throughout the day. Jackets can be purchased either on line or from a local distributor.

A quick visit to the web site is the fastest way to locate a local outlet store. There is a handy click and collect feature that allows shoppers to buy on line that collect their purchase at a convenient location. Of course, an item can also be shipped directly to their home or office. It is always a good idea to check for special offers or free shipping.

Riders are loving the versatile and affordable line of Zara Phillips clothing. There is everything from hats to socks, all designed with the equestrian in mind. The fleece zip ups are light weight and perfect for layering. Made from breathable polyester they have a flattering fit and are loaded with extra features.

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