Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brain Cancer In Relation To ETS2101

By Robert Sutter

Brain cancer entails a number of trials and it's clear that some of them will be more recognized than others. What many will agree on, though, is that these procedures are done over the course of time and for good reason as well. Details have to be looked into and I do not think that they can be easily picked up on over the course of a day. That being said, there is an extensive nature of work to connect to the usage of a substance referred to as ETS2101.

The Wall Street Journal posted an article in regards to the ETS2101 trial, which has entailed a number of patients affected with either primary or secondary brain cancer. Each of them was given a particular dose of ETS2101. This was done in order to see how well their bodies would take to it and if they would need larger or smaller amounts. The study will be done through 2014 as well, which means that organizations along the lines of Voices against Brain Cancer should bring their attention towards it.

Of course, you may stop and wonder what exactly ETS2101 is. The article spoke about it and it's been said that it a drug commonly utilized in order to treat patients with trauma. Thanks to pharmacology, though, it's been believed that this drug can actually prove useful for the sake of helping cancer patients, too. Two studies are being done, one with primary cancer patients and the other entailing secondary cancer patients. To say that there has been quite a bit of time invested here would be an understatement.

With this procedure put into place, though, it's been said that patients have been given steadily higher doses over time until a tolerated level has been reached. Fifteen different patients have completed the studies and they were all given appropriate levels of the drug relative to body weight. The results have been positive, from what I have picked up on, as the tumors did not respond negatively to the drug. It's this level of success that, in my mind, can lead to further results down the road.

It's easy to understand why these particular studies are done over the course of time, whether it is a matter of a few months or even a few years. Brain cancer is one of the most serious conditions and, as a result, a tremendous amount of focus is brought to the idea of treatment in the long run. Hopefully there is more work done with the ETS2101 drug set in place. In my opinion, there is a world of knowledge to pick up on here.

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