Sunday, February 23, 2014

What You Should Know About Horseware Ireland Clothing

By Marcie Goodman

One of the leading names within the equestrian industry is Horseware Ireland Clothing. This company was first established during 1985 and they developed a horse rug which changed the world of horse rugs. This company is the most popular in the equestrian sector. This company has developed a wide range of clothes including leisure wear, riding wear, horse wear and accessories. The products are manufactured by this company have become well known for their high level of quality.

The initial goal of this company was to produce a horse rug that prevented water getting through whilst at the same time prevented the horse from sweating. The first rug which was produced by the company was the Rambo Original and this rug was really very good and did what it was supposed to.

In 1996 the Rambo Original turnout rug was the best that was available. The design that was used for this rug became very popular and this led to other manufacturers using similar design ideas. It fair to say that this company has been a leading name for a number of years.

The key policy of Horseware Ireland clothing is innovation not imitation and this means that all of the products are reviews on an ongoing basis. All of the products are continually assessed and improvements are made in order to make life easier for the customer and also enable the horses to be comfortable. These products are innovative in both the design of the product and the materials which are used.

The range of products which are designed by Horseware Ireland Clothing has grown over the years. There is an large range of products which are available nowadays and these are very popular with horses and riders.

In addition to all of the horse blankets and rugs that are provided this company all offers a range of clothes and accessories. The full range of products which are offered by this company has expanded considerably over the years. The clothing range is all designed for people that are active whilst allowing them to look stylish.

The range of clothes which is provided by this company includes a range of jackets, tops and childrens clothes. The range that is produced by this company includes breeches, gillets, poloshirts, riding socks and a range of relevant accessories. This company offers something for everyone when it comes to their range of clothes and all products are finished to a very high standard in terms of quality.

If you have a child who is a keen horse rider you'll want them to be kept warm and one of the best ways in which you can do this is to get a nice warm jacket which is part of the Horseware Ireland Clothing range. The products that are part of this range of made only using the finest materials. The company has a kids jacket that have a warm fleece lining. The company produces clothing that is machine washable therefore making it very easy to look after the products, which is a great thing for busy horse riders.

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