Friday, February 7, 2014

Cerebral Palsy Support Groups For Parents

By Jayne Rutledge

The birth of a new baby should be a time of joy for families. But every year many people receive the devastating news that their child has a disability. This is never welcome news and for many it is simply devastating. They do not know what to do or which way to turn. Looking around for their local Cerebral Palsy support groups for parents is a perfect first step to take and has been the lifeline for countless thousands of families over the years.

Most children are diagnosed at or shortly after birth. Many checks and tests are performed on every new born infant to try and pick up on any problems as quickly as possible. Cerebral Palsy is a one time brain injury that occurs before or during birth. It can manifest with a wide array of intellectual and physical disabilities. Some children are able to lead very typical lives whilst others will need a significant amount of care for the entire lives.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial as services should begin as soon as possible. Most children will qualify for the full range of services such as speech, physical and occupational therapy, plus any necessary medical treatment. These services can really make a huge difference in their future and help them prepare for school.

The benefits for parents of joining a local group is immense. They quickly realize that they are not alone and that others are there to help them. Just having an understanding shoulder to cry on can make all the difference between coping and not coping. Many thousands of families have said that the people they have met in the group have become some of their best friends. They share the struggles and achievements of their children and draw great strength from this.

Getting through the first months with the new baby are some of the most challenging. The family often have a very difficult time adjusting to the extensive needs the baby and fitting this in with the needs of the rest of their children. They may feel guilty that they do not have enough time to spend with the family as they struggle with constant medical appointments or therapy sessions.

As the child gets a little older things often get better as the family settle down into a routine and make the adjustment to their new life. They realise that things are really not as bad as they may first have thought. In fact, many people find that their special needs child brings an amazing new level of compassion into their lives.

Once they start to develop a routine things typically get better. The parent will realize that things are not as bleak as they may have appeared at first. Their baby will begin to smile and laugh just like every other child. This will make all their hard work worth while and give their battered spirits a huge boost.

Being part of Cerebral Palsy support groups for parents has a multitude of advantages. As a new parent it can be the lifeline they need to keep them going through the first few stressful months. As a veteran parent they can pass on their skills and knowledge to others and help to make their lives easier.

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