Saturday, February 22, 2014

Introducing Pilates Training For Everyone

By James Spann

Pilates training is an exercise regime that focuses on mind, body and spirit. It involves strengthening the central core in the body which is developed around the abdomen and lower back and works out toward the limbs and extremities. Those who may find these exercise routines especially helpful include mothers who are attempting to reduce post-baby weight, athletes who need to gain strength and reach higher levels of fitness and the older generation who are seeking an easily modified exercise program that will suit their individual needs.

There is much history to this form of exercise. German-born Joseph Pilates developed this program to assist and provide rehabilitation to soldiers returning home and prisoners of war. Many dancers sought out his regimen to help them achieve grace, stamina and more strength.

Making this activity part of your daily regime will strengthen your entire body and give you a along lean look. It will also give individuals more mobility and flexibility if exercises are done on a consistent basis. It is a low-impact activity and will help improve posture and assist in reducing back pain.

Older individuals and those who have not exercised for long periods of time can alter the exercise routines to fit their capabilities and as they grow stronger and more confident in their skills, they can add more difficult moves to their daily exercise sessions. It can be easily combined with a regimen of walking, running or weight lifting.

Almost all of the routines are done on a mat or on a very soft rug or other surface. Specific machines that were invented by the founder of this exercise movement do exist but they are not readily available and can be quite pricey. Some gyms may have them available so ask if you are a member at a local venue.

Check with local exercise studios and workout facilities to determine if they offer these classes. Choose the one that fits your needs and your time limitations the best. If no classes are available or you want to try these moves in the privacy of your own home, DVDs are available for rent or purchase at sporting goods outlets and book stores. If you want to try the programs with a friend, by all means include her to make your time exercising more enjoyable and interesting.

Including this along with your other daily routines will increase your focus and concentration as well assist with balance and coordination. You will become more flexible and alert as well as feel much younger than your age. Your body will begin to slim down and breathing will become deeper and more effective.

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