Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hobbies That Lead To Hearing Loss: Recreational Shooting

By Rey Vetangelo

At the start of hunting seasons across the nation, many thousands of outdoor recreation adventurers will be gearing up for their fall hunts. Along with their warmest sleeping bags, sturdiest tents, and most dependable camo getup, hunters this fall will take great care to safely and cautiously stow their weapons into their trucks before heading off into the wilderness after the game of their choice.

Hunting has long since been a recreational activity enjoyed by many, but one characteristic of hunting that can be especially harmful to the sportsmen is the thunderous boom of their rifle, shotgun, or pistol when they fire off their rounds. Firearms have many other dangers that have been associated with them, but those experienced sportsmen who know how to safely handle their weapons without possible incident may still be missing one critical detail of hunter safety-ear protection.

Here are some of the challenges you may be facing in your everyday life related to your hearing loss, such as Conversations may not be as fluid, You may have a difficult time distinguishing sounds.

Exposure to high decibels produced by gunshots does damage to mechanisms and biological workings of the inner ear. These inner workings are composed of what is commonly referred to as the ear drum.

Communication difficulties can lead to social isolation.Communication hardships can also have an effect on self-image and worth.Social issues seem to appear more often when there is a mild to moderate hearing loss than when there is a severe loss.

Many take their hearing for granted and this can make it difficult for loved ones to appreciate your hardships.Communicating with a partner can become difficult and add to other problems you may be facing.

When damage to the ear drum is present, the vibrations of sound from the outside world cannot be picked up and deciphered by the inner ear, and therefor can lead to hearing loss in the individual. While there are multiple ways in which a person who is suffering from hearing loss can find services to improve their situation, such as hearing aids and hearing loss phones, the better method of treatment for hearing loss is total prevention.

Often times, expensive implants or amplification systems can be expensive options. If the problem is just earwax blockage, then cheap ear cleaners can be bought for less than $10.00 at your local supermarket. Another great option is something called the Caption call. Caption Call is a captioned telephone service that helps with people with hearing loss. It displays what the person on the phone is saying so you can read from a screen what they are saying if you are hard of hearing.

Contrary to popular belief, even one shot from a firearm can be damaging to the inner ear. So while hunters may excuse themselves from wearing hearing protection while on the hunt due to fact that they may only be firing their weapon once, the danger for hear loss while shooting any number of times, even just once, is great enough that all who wish to be safe while hunting or recreational shooting should always wear hearing protection.

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