Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Numerous Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

By Jamal D White

In the current world, image is very important, and people are putting a lot of effort in ensuring that they look good. Ones image is a combination of very many things including their physique, attitude and how they dress. When it comes to ones physique, it is important that one is physically fit. With the number of people who are overweight increasing every day owing to the lifestyles people live, it is important for one to embrace various forms of working out. There are different rowing benefits that you can enjoy once you buy an indoor rower. Therefore, owing to the many benefits of using a rowing machine, it is important to buy this equipment.

If you want to burn more calories, this equipment is effective. Whenever you exercise using this equipment, you burn typically 600 calories every hour. This is way better if compared to various exercise equipment used in the house. If for example you had been riding on the fitness bike without the use of your arms, you should ride for 78 minutes to be able to burn exactly the same quantity of calories you would burn on the machine for just 1 hour.

A rowing machine also enables one to have an effective aerobic workout. Exercising using this equipment enables you to exercise several major muscles. This enables your heart rate to increase; thus, improving your oxygen uptake.

Rowing machines are also effective if you want to exercise your lower body. Actually, some people consider the machine most useful when exercising their lower-body. The calves and glutes, and the quads in the upper front of the thighs are the most lower- body muscles involved during the workout.

The indoor rower is also not only effective for lower- body workout but also offers a suitable upper-body workout. Some of the muscles that are involved in the workout include trapezius in the upper back, rhomboids in the shoulder, lats in the lower back, biceps, abs and pecs. You would also develop stronger hands and wrists since you would have to maintain a strong grip on the oars when exercising.

The chances of injuries when utilizing this machine are very minimal. This is because of the motion of rowing being natural and generating low impact thus putting less strain around the joints. Additionally, because you sit close to the ground, you are unlikely to fall and hurt yourself as compared to if you were on a stationary bike. Although you can easily strain your back as you exercise on an indoor rower, you can deal with this risk by learning the right rowing position.

When buying a home equipment, you would want something that is easy to use. A rowing machine is suitable since it is very easy to use. You do not need to be a professional in order to operate the equipment.

There are different benefits rowing machine workout can enable you to enjoy. The most important being the ability to burn many calories. Therefore, owing to the benefits of using a rowing machine, more people need to buy this home exercise equipment.

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