Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Richardson Compounding Pharmacist Provides Wellness Pharmacy Solutions To Many Patients

By Emilia Canale

The role of a Richardson compounding pharmacist is to mix different medications to the specifications of a patient's doctor or other health care practitioner. There are many reasons why such combinations are needed. For example, a person may have trouble swallowing, and therefore need a liquid version of his or her medication.

Compounding techniques were once widely used, but in today's modern world, most medications are mass-produced in a central location. Therefore, when an individual needs a compounded formula, he or she must obtain it from a pharmacist who is experienced with such techniques.

Medications dispensed from compound pharmacies are regulated by the FDA, even though the latter does not regulate the pharmacy itself. Additionally, the State Pharmacy Board regulates all pharmacies on an individual basis to make sure that appropriate mixing standards are consistently used. All professionals involved must have a substantial amount of knowledge about such medications before they are prescribed or dispensed.

Thought must also must be given to the amount of active ingredients and the concentration of the mixture compared to products that are commercially available. If the components mixed at such a pharmacy are to exceed the concentration of their commercially available counterparts, proof should be offered regarding the compounded medication's safety.

An individual in charge of mixing combination formulas must prepare the drugs exactly as prescribed by the physician. If one suspects that an error has been made, the professional must contact the practitioner prior to dispensing the mixture. Prescribing physicians and pharmacists who fail to follow proper procedures are held responsible for their mistakes.

When selecting such a pharmacy, an individual may wish to inquire about the facility's quality control practices, testing standards, and the establishment's track record with the State Pharmacy Board. This ensures the consumer will receive medications that have been processed safely and appropriately by a Richardson compounding pharmacist. Anyone who has questions about his or her prescriptions should seek the advice of a licensed medical professional.

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