Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purchase A Stylish Musto Shirt

By Jerri Perry

Keith Musto, a British Olympic sailor, developed a durable range of clothing to keep sailors both warm and comfortable while at sea. The brand was so successful that many products were added over the years. His innovative approach translated successfully into the equestrian market and from there it was only a small step to developing the range into the shooting and country market. A plain Musto shirt or one in classic prints such as fine checks and cotton twills is an essential addition to any stylish wardrobe.

The brand has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative fabric technology. The design team works with leading manufacturers of fabrics as well as top sportsmen and sportswomen. What makes these shirts stand out is the simplicity yet elegance of the design, the technology used in the fabrics and the comfort they offer to the wearer.

From casual checks, bold stripes and plain whites, the colors and designs of the shirts compliment the other clothing in the brand. They can be worn alone on summer days or coordinated with other items like shooting jumpers for cooler evenings. They can be dressed up with a tie and jacket for a more formal event and are perfect for casual, outdoor activities too.

Shirts are available for women that compliment their figures while allowing them essential freedom of movement. They also come in checks and stripes and there is an appealing floral print as well. These items also co-ordinate with the jackets, coats and other products available and come in a range of sizes.

The colors used are mainly classic ones like blue, red, navy, green and white. The patterns too are classic such as fine checks and stripes. Although this brand does not slavishly follow modern trends, there are more trendy options available. All the shirts are elegantly styled and suited to all everyone who engage in outdoor activities.

The rugby or polo shirts are perfect for casual weekend wear and outdoor activities. They are made with soft cottons so as to be as comfortable as possible. This does not mean that they sacrifice style in any way as they are designed to flatter the figure.

T-shirts also form part of the range. For example, there is a fast drying long sleeved t-shirt that can be worn alone in warm weather or as a light base layer. It is made from fabric treated during manufacture to give it sun protective properties.

All the fabrics used are high quality and lightweight. Designs include subtle elements, such as contrast details on cuffs and collars and double buttons on the cuffs. There are items to suit both trendy dressers and those who prefer more traditional styling.

When it comes to buying shirts, the quickest way to do this is by shopping for it in online. A few clicks of the mouse button enables one to see items on offer and compare prices. Online vendors also carry some of the most reasonably priced apparel coming from the brand.

A Musto shirt primarily appeals to someone who is constantly on the go. The sheer simplicity yet elegance of the designs make them easy on the eyes. However, they are not only stylish but comfortable and functional too.

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