Monday, February 17, 2014

All You Need To Know About Ziehm And Mobile C Arms

By Krystal Branch

Mobile C arms are used widely in many hospitals across the globe. These devices are also referred to as x-ray image intensifiers or fluoroscopes. They work by taking x-ray images and utilizing them to produce live feeds which are projected on screens. These gadgets were released in the year 1955 and their use has been growing steadily. Ziehm imaging is a company that provides a wide variety of mobile C arms that are used in the medical industry.

When using C arms you have two options. You can either use the fixed models or go for the mobile ones. The fixed types are usually kept in a room that is dedicated for screening only. Mobile units are easily portable and they usually used by lecturers to give lessons. They are used in theaters for a wide range of functions.

Fixed C arms are widely used in medical facilities for various reasons. Some of the situations that usually call for use of these machines include angiography studies, barium studies, cardiac studies, endoscopy studies, therapeutic studies as well as fertility studies. Compared to the fixed models the mobile models are much smaller. This makes them easier to transport to different locations.

The machines are constantly being improved by scientists. They are being made more powerful in order to achieve more functions. They can also be condensed further. Some of the uses that mobile models are designed for include therapeutic procedures, endovascular imaging, neurological imaging as well as orthopedic imaging.

All these procedures are very important in the medical field. However, it is good to know what attracts patients to the machine. The popularity of these machines can be attributed to their accuracy. They display very accurate readings. Both mobile and fixed models are able to reduce invasiveness when different procedures are being performed. They also minimize discomfort.

Another advantage of both fixed and mobile models is the price. Using these machines brings down the cost of outpatient care. Another advantage is the versatility. The machines can be used in orthopedic and spinal surgeries, general surgeries as well as other procedures that involve cardiac, urology, vascular and neurovascular applications.

Different people like these machines for different reasons. Physicians appreciate the instant information they receive from the instruments. They also like them for their preciseness. On the other hand lab technicians like the machines because they are attractive and easy to operate. The technology used in the machines continues to grow.

If you look at the benefits of these devices nowadays you will realize how much they have improved. The services in the medical facilities have improved greatly since the introduction of these machines. There is a lot of information you can find on the internet if you research well. It is easy to purchase these machines if you look around. Ziehm imaging is a company that provides many C arms. Before buying these machines you need to consider your needs. Buying the right machine will enable you to deliver good services in your hospital. This will improve the level of services that you offer.

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