Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Specific Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning

By Max Lincon

Teeth cleaning is much more than the routine brushing that you do at home. You need to visit your dentist on a regular basis so that the process is done professionally. It is recommended that you have this service at least once a year. The dentist has special tools that they will use to remove plaques, bacteria and tartar that may not be removable using the ordinary techniques.

The process is a bit straightforward but requires a lot of expertise. An ultrasonic remover is used to remove tartar and plaque stuck in the oral cavity. A water sprayer is then used to wash the debris that has been loosened. Retained plaque is removed using a hand scrapper. One of the advantages of this process is that there is very little associated discomfort.

Professional cleaning of teeth is associated with numerous benefits. Disease prevention is perhaps the most important of these benefits. Regardless of the frequency at which you clean, there are organisms that are almost always left in the oral cavity. These organisms harden with time to form toxin-producing plaques. All these processes lead increased incidence of gum disease.

The process has been shown to reduce the loss of teeth by controlling infections. When a disease remains untreated it may progress to involve the root of one tooth or several of them. Further progress of the condition may cause the tooth to fall off. Earlier prevention helps halt this progress. The overall effect is that the life span of the teeth is markedly increased.

Another important benefit is the fact that you will have a brighter smile. Tooth staining is very common among tobacco smokers, coffee drinkers and persons who consume some types of foods and medications. The stains are resistant to ordinary paste and this can be very frustrating. Fortunately, the dentist will use certain chemicals and will remove these stains easily and restore your bright smile and your confidence.

Bad breath is a problem that many people struggle with. It is caused by many factors including poor oral hygiene. If not brought under control it may lead to poor social relationships and even break ups in extreme cases. Proper cleaning greatly helps control this problem if done alongside other measures.

A problem in the oral cavity may have effects on the rest of the body. Infective endocarditis is a condition that is associated with oral infection that subsequently spreads to involve the heart. The incidence is higher in people who have a pre-existing heart lesion. Proper oral hygiene before surgical procedures involving the heart has been known to significantly lower the risk.

By combining your regular teeth cleaning with regular visits to the dentist will not only give you good oral hygiene but will also help prevent numerous systemic diseases. The general recommendation is that one should have their teeth cleaned professionally at least once a year or more frequently if they have gum disease. Any infections should be treated as soon as they occur to prevent complications. This is the only sure way of ensuring that a healthy body is maintained.

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