Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Important Information About Patient Education

By Eliza Mendoza

Patient education is meant for educating sick persons and boosts their health literacy. In this, the sick persons are assisted in understanding basic health information as well as the available services. With this information, they are able to make the right decisions concerning their health and are able to easily follow treatments guidelines. Educating the sick persons should be taken seriously as many have very limited understanding in health matters.

Research has shown that people from all ethnic groups, academic level and age have limited understanding of sick person teachings. Without this knowledge, a sick person can end up incurring a huge medical bill unlike a person who is well informed in health matters. Due to doctor visits and hospital admission, the health system takes care of this cost which is very high.

What affects the sick person literacy most is hiding their ignorance from the medical practitioner. Most people struggle with a sickness for long simply because they feel intimidated and ashamed to ask for assistance from the professionals. When a sick person learns about their health, they are able to improve their health status as well as their behaviors.

Another advantage is to make sure that the health of the sick person is maintained or improved and sometimes it is aimed at slowing down the rate at which the condition is deteriorating his health. With proper knowledge, the sick person is able to contribute to his treatment regime, improvement of the condition, identification of any errors before it happens and the results are achieved. This leads to situations where the period is minimized for a sick person who is admitted in a medical facility.

Due to the many benefits that a sick person can gain at the end, it is important for him to consider been educated. With proper knowledge about his health, the sick person is empowered hence able to properly manage and deal with his condition. By learning about his condition the sick person is helped to facilitate the knowledge of his health status, diagnosis and various methods of treatment as well as the repercussions that may occur from the care provided to him and his household.

Once the sick person is informed, they are able to make informed decisions in relation to their health care. In addition, the sick person is able to follow the guidelines of the care plan for their health. Educating sick persons largely fosters the sick persons learning behaviors that are healthy hence resulting to recovering and improvement in the body function ability. A well-informed sick person has an increased confidence about their self care and as a result this minimizes treatment complications.

Facilities which educate their sick people also gain from doing so. By educating the sick person, they increase client satisfaction and ability to follow the set regulations. They are also able to improve their efficiency through the cost effective care they provide. When the sick person is educated the possibility of having a malpractice reduces remarkably.

Patient education has many benefits and every institution of health should have a plan of rolling out to the sick person necessary information concerning their health and care. The sick person, their family, health facility and health care system will all be beneficiaries once sick persons are informed. More importantly medical practitioners are more accountable in their service delivery.

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