Friday, February 28, 2014

The Development Of The Musto Fleece Range

By Eula Nichols

The Musto fleece was developed by a British Olympic sailor and engineer. His aim was to develop a garment that could protect sailors exposed to all sorts of weather conditions whilst out at sea. He decided to use synthetic fabric that he had to ship from America. His first garments proved to be so popular that the range grew to include those suitable for all types of outdoor activities.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool have been around for centuries. Wool was sheared off sheep, made into yarn and used for making garments well suited to keeping people warm in cold weather. This tough, durable and a resilient animal fiber with a soft touch had certain disadvantages however, particularly for those spending much of their time outdoors. Wool does not perform well when wet, taking a long time to dry. Special care must be taken when washing it as it can shrink to half its size if treated incorrectly.

The manufacture of synthetic fibers brought about a complete revolution in fabrics. Synthetic fiber fleeces offered many advantages over natural fabrics. Initially, the fabrics produced were not as soft or luxurious as natural wool but this improved over the years. Washing and drying these fabrics was very easy. Advances in technology meant they could be blended to add to their versatility.

The breathable nature of synthetic fibers is of great benefit to those who are active outdoors like riders and skiers. This quality means that moisture surrounding the body is wicked out, leaving them dry. If they get wet in showers of rain, they dry extremely quickly. The fact that they are lightweight means that they can form a layer under another protective coat.

The designs of these garments are created in consultation with top sportsmen and women. This means that they are extremely practical and allow complete freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Various features, like elasticized backs, make them body fitting without being restrictive in any way.

One of the collections, the Zara Phillips range of equestrian wear, has warm fleeces and others form part of the Evolution and Signature collections. Features on all of these garments are designed to be practical such as adjustable hoods, lined pockets to keep hands warm and front zippers that roll over at the top to keep the chin protected. These fleeces come in colors like red, blue, white and black.

The company website offers information about styles, colors and sizes of all garments as well as providing an insight into the origins of this brand and the innovative technologies it uses. The garments are also available at other online stores. It is important to check whether these are reputable suppliers with satisfactory terms and conditions before placing orders. It is possible to find special offers and sales of these garments online.

A Musto fleece is the garment of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate its comfort, warmth and stylishness. It enables them to perform rigorous outdoor activities while staying warm at the same time. The sporty designs make them look good whether they are doing yard work, riding, sailing, taking a stroll in the country or attending a sporting event.

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