Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can Microspheres Assist Growing Nature Of Tumor Awareness?

By Rob Sutter

Tumor awareness has grown to such an immense level and I feel as though very few will be able to argue against this. In my mind, cancer is one of the most serious situations one can talk about. A number of methods have been talked about and researched, meaning that you will most likely be able to find a number of news stories regarding the matter. A recent report has grabbed my attention and I found myself learning more about the idea of microspheres in the process.

There was a story posted on and it grabbed my attention almost immediately because of the method that was put into effect. Microcapsules have become the subject of tumor awareness, seeing as how they are able to carry a helpful drug. Microspheres are able to come into play and this means that traffic can be directed to the tumor's site much easier. There's potential to be seen here, as I am sure that organizations such as Voices against Brain Cancer may attest to.

This method has been seen and utilized, so I don't think that this is terribly surprising when you see that most methods are intrusive. Surgery is done through typical means and this is typically followed up by chemotherapy. However, there are risks involved on the matter, such as damage to brain cells if chemo is done enough and I think that the complex nature of tumors is to cite. As you can see, work is constantly being done so that there is a great number of processes put into place.

The article went into detail about BCNU, which is an anti-tumor agent utilized for the sake of this particular process. These have been carried by wafers in the past but the issue therein is that the life of a BCNU is not very long and, as a result, the drug needs a form of protection so that it may last longer. Are there improvements to be made in this particular regard? Seeing as how uniform sizes and drug distribution have been common concerns, I'd like to think that this is true.

I think that work has to be done, though, in order for this idea to stand at a much stronger level than before. It's clear that progress has been made in the past and I think that this is very telling of those conducting the research. Therapies have been built stronger but I think that there is much more work to be seen. Fortunately, research doesn't exactly have a clear end in sight and I believe that methods are going to be built more robustly over the course of time.

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