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Home Remedies For Lice Treatment San Francisco

By Lila Berger

Head lice or pediculosis is actually a very common condition that a lot of people suffer from. Now people who have this usually do not have good hygiene or are constantly in contact with people who do not practice good hygiene. The good news here is that there are certain natural methods that can be used for lice treatment San Francisco that work really well.

Lice is something that is usually passed around from one person who has the condition to another who does not. It can also be passed on if a person uses the clothes or hats of another person who has this kind of condition. Another source of these types of bugs would be the eggs of these insects as the eggs tend to leech on to the heads of their victims.

It is actually quite easy to be able to diagnose this sort of condition because the signs are visible. The first sign would actually be severe itching as well as swollen lumps somewhere in the back of the head. The next thing to look out for would be some white dots on the back of the head near the follicles of the hair.

The first thing that one may do in order to take away these insects would be to use a metal comb to comb his hair. The thing about this method is that it will only work if the case is not so bad because it is quite hard to comb out all of these insects. So if the case is rather severe, then he may try some of these other methods.

Vinegar is one of the best ways to kill these things because vinegar is known to be very acidic and acidity can immediately destroy these crawlies. The best part is that this method does not at all affect the hair while at the same time it can kill lice. So it is actually very safe to use because it is all natural and is very effective.

Aside from vinegar, coconut oil may also be used in order to kill pesky lice. Now coconut oil does a double job as it both kills the bugs and at the same time strengthens the scalp. With a stronger scalp, the occurrence of pediculosis will actually be lessened because the scalp is now much healthier.

Now if one is worried that he will have a hard time taking these things out of the hair, then he may actually use cleansers as his shampoo. Although it is known to be a weak solution, can actually kill these bugs on the head. In fact, one may use it as an alternative to chemical shampoo if his hair is sensitive.

So if one is suffering from bug problems on his head, then maybe these lice treatment San Francisco methods may work. The best part about using these methods is that these methods are very safe and they are also inexpensive. One thing that everyone must remember though that if one does not have good hygiene, then the occurrences of pediculosis is very high as compared to those who constantly keep their hair clean.

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