Saturday, September 21, 2013

Coquitlam, B. C Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Safely Without Drugs

By Iligan Daltans

Back pain affects around 80% of adults aged thirty and over. For some it is persistent, severe and debilitating. Analgesic or anti-inflammatory medications can ease the symptoms, but carry a risk of harmful side-effects. A Coquitlam B. C chiropractor safely alleviates stubborn back pain with gentle spinal adjustments and soft tissue massage.

People who are not physically fit are most likely to suffer from back problems. Weak muscles are unable to provide adequate support for the spine. Being overweight puts additional strain on the lower back. Poor posture, lack of exercise and emotional stress can all make the back more prone to injury.

Some cases of back pain come on suddenly following a fall or when lifting something heavy. More often, the pain develops gradually as the body ages and joints, discs and bones begin to degenerate. Pinched nerves or tight muscles can also be a source of backache. Spinal disorders can produce pain that spreads out from the back to affect other parts of the body.

Patients who visit the Coquitlam B. C clinic with back complaints receive a thorough evaluation. The chiropractor reviews their symptoms and medical history before examining the back and spine. She then performs a variety of orthopedic and neurological tests. MRI scans or x-rays are used to confirm the location of suspected spinal abnormalities.

Hands-on chiropractic care is beneficial for many types of back problems. The spine is realigned to restore vertebrae to the correct position. This procedure relieves pressure from the spinal cord and releases pinched nerves. Mobilization techniques reduce stiffness and improve flexibility. Tense or spasming muscles are relaxed with soothing massage.

After the source of the pain has been addressed, the Coquitlam B. C chiropractor assists patients with recovery. They are taught stretches and exercises to improve their posture and strengthen their back muscles. They are also advised about lifestyle modifications to help them avoid future back problems.

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