Saturday, September 14, 2013

Findlay Foot Surgery Helps Alleviate Painful Bunion Problems

By John Bolton

Bunions can be very painful, and your Findlay Foot Surgery professional is there to help with many kinds of feet problems. Most bunions can be successfully taken care of, and there are several options to consider. Some people may require a surgical procedure to correct their problem, and here is more info on bunions.

Many types of bunion disorders are brought on by wearing shoes that do not properly fit. After a while, continued rubbing in one area can cause an irritation at the base of the big toe joint. If one does not do something about the situation, it will most likely worsen over time.

Padding and orthotic devices may help a lot with bunions. One also may benefit from special splints. It is also advisable to invest in better shoes to give the feet the proper kind of exercise. However, one still may need to have a surgical procedure.

Your podiatrist will not usually recommend a surgical option unless all other attempts have failed. For instance, you might find walking or standing for some time unbearable. In that case, something must be done to help you find relief.

Surgical procedures for bunions are usually done on an outpatient basis. However, they may require a general anesthesia. Most patients can go home on the very same day of their procedures. As bunions vary a great deal, so do the procedures.

Some types of bunion surgeries require the surgeon to realign ligaments and bones. This type of procedure can increase the time it takes to recover and return to normal activities. Most people can expect a recovery time of approximately six weeks, and you could be off work for a longer time period if your recovery requires physical therapy. You can ask your Findlay foot surgery professional anything about your procedure, so you will know what to expect.

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