Saturday, September 28, 2013

New York City Sciatica Issues Helped With Chiropractic Therapy

By Clare Buckalew

Going to a New York City chiropractor for sciatica issues is less bothersome, more affordable and faster than physiotherapy or taking medication. The thing is that sciatica isn't an illness or bodily disorder. Rather, it is the name given to symptoms seen as a result of the sciatic nerve's compression. The chiropractic therapy will start by identifying the core reason for this, followed by sessions to provide pain relief and restore the functionality of the nerve.

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, through the buttocks, and all the way down from the thighs on each leg and into the foot. The main cause of dysfunction is a compression of this nerve due to herniated or bulging discs. This condition is also known as a slipped disc.

It can also happen due to lumbar spine subluxations which narrow the spinal canal and squeeze the spinal cord within. The pressure created by a tumor may cause compression of the nerve, and so can the weight of a fetus during pregnancy. It can also happen due to Piriformis Syndrome, commonly called "Wallet Sciatica" because it is caused by a wallet inside a hip pocket pushing against the buttocks.

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are usually limited to one side of the body. Patients will experience pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs. There may also be a tingling sensation in the leg, along with numbness and sharp pricks.

Chiropractors choose the method to be used after finding out the symptoms and the root cause. Any external signs or abnormalities are detected by doing a physical examination. Patients are sometimes asked to get an X-Ray, CAT scan or MRI done.

Each New York City chiropractor has a repertoire of skills, although spinal adjustments are the mainstay of chiropractic therapy. Chiropractors use their hands to move vertebrae into their natural position within the spinal column. Some cases may require additional techniques such as ice and ultrasound heat therapy.

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