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There Are Many Things One Should Be Aware Of Whether You Are Undergoing The Situation Or Not.

By Skell Paulson

Although it is important to identify them all, in this particular article I am going to concentrate on the most prominent ones. This is because, these are the ones many yeast infection patients will in most cases experience as they slowly develop this infection.

One group of microscopic, yeast-like fungus that lives in the human body is known as Candida, or Monilia. A specific organism in this group known as either Monilia albicans, or Candida albicans, can cause a condition called Candidiasis. A yeast infection.

Whenever we sweat, we enjoy the after effect which is cool and refreshing but little do we realize that the same sweat if left on the skin will not only result to disgusting odor, but yeast infection too.

Oral yeast infections, also called thrush, are most common in infants and the elderly, but they can also occur frequently in anyone who suffers from a severe disease such as HIV or diabetes.

Few people may know it as moniliasis or vaginal thrush or candidiasis. While most people ignore vaginal thrush assuming it is a regular condition, this can lead to severe consequences. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans and hence the name candidiasis.

Birth control pills is also one of the causes of yeast infection in women and many women have agonized a lot with out having any idea that this could actually result to it. If the doctor rules this to be the cause of your persistent yeast infections, then it will be wise for you to change that option you could be using at that time to another one that might fit your body time.

Still on women, the female sprays and fragrances have also been rated high in the list of causes for yeast infection and you who cannot do without spraying that organ of yours, risk catching one yeast infection after another.

Many other types of medication can cause the same problems too. Medications which are designed to suppress the immune system for instance, birth control pills which upset the hormone balance in a woman's body, and prescriptions which cause reduce saliva production in your mouth can all contribute to chronic oral yeast infections.

Furthermore you need to know that diabetes is among the most leading causes of yeast infection especially in menopausal women.

Dirt alone will not usually cause thrush, but if there are any small abrasions, cuts or scrapes which will allow the Candida to get in and create an infection, then that will cause the development of the yeast infection.

The normal body is exposed to these fungi but an infection is caused only when they increase in number. Thrush is also a form of yeast infection and it occurs in the mouth.

Still, when the person experiences both cancer and aids at the same time then the whole system may be weakened by yeast Candida which is severe.

What is more the causes of yeast infection could include hormonal changes in the body system which could be triggered by factors such as menopause, stress, menstruation, pregnancy among others.

Some doctors recommend throwing out bottle nipples when an oral yeast infection is cleared up in children, because cleaning the nipples well enough to prevent reinfection is difficult to do.

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