Friday, September 6, 2013

How Stem Cell Treatment Centers Can Help You

By Kate McMahon

There are several new technologies in the medical field that can be used to treat patients with vascular disorders, heart disease, and other degenerative sickness. At stem cell treatment centers you can undergo therapy that may alleviate your problems. This new breakthrough has shown a certain degree of efficacy as therapy for these types of disease.

Human physiology allows for the development of cells that can regenerate and thus be used for therapy. They develop at certain ages and at particular areas. Our bodies use these cells for a particular purpose.

Since the cells are used to treat specific areas, this therapy is also specific. It cannot provide cures for other disorders if the treating is targeting another disease. To treat another disease, a different mode of the therapy is required.

This type of therapy is quite limited. There are still several tests and experiments that are being conducted to see if the therapy is effective. This is a long and drawn out process. Science is never an overnight thing. Therapies that do not go through clinical testing may even sometimes prove to be hazardous and complicate what it was meant to treat in the first place.

Some doctors source the cells from a person's fat. It is where there is an abundance of these types of cells. They remove some of the fat using liposuction and process the fat to harvest the cells. They are then deposited back into the body intravenously or through injection. The patient is sedated and local anesthesia is applied. It is performed at the physician's office and they use a unique system that prevents exposure to the environment. This lessens the possibility of infection. Since the cells are from the patient's body, there is also a very low chance of rejection.

If you are considering this type of therapy you must always keep in mind that there are certain risks that you must consider. Remember that this therapy is not yet very widely accepted although there have been case studies that are successful. It is important to get all the information from your doctor regarding the therapy you are about to undergo.

There have been experiments that prove that this type of therapy has very strong potential. There are several researches and experiments to further develop it that is being conducted. Some research has already proven that this therapy is effective but only for certain diseases. This proves that this therapy has potential and can possibly cure more disorders in the future.

If you are afflicted by a disease that this therapy can cure, there are many stem cell treatment centers that can offer you the therapy. Of course it is not always a sure thing but it may be quite effective as well. Your doctor would be the one who can give you the best information regarding the therapy. When choosing a clinic to go to for therapy, make sure the doctors and staff are knowledgeable and experienced in this particular type of therapy. It could mean the difference between getting well and getting worse.

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