Friday, September 13, 2013

Several Useful Constipation Remedies To Use

By Velma Nalls

There are lots of different constipation remedies which you may utilize in order to be effective. There may be a host f reasons why the condition troubles you to begin with but gladly many solutions exist, most of which surround alterations to diet and changes in lifestyle.

Good digestion and regularity are things that are needed in order for you to maintain reasonable levels of health. Without them you may suffer from stomach pains, difficulty passing stools and bad breath and it can also lead to anxiety that can cause a range of difficulties from emotional stress and loss of sleep

You may also be troubled by the many issues which occur when the body hold onto toxins for any length of time such as weight gain and poor appearance of the skin, particularly in areas where fat has a tendency to cluster such as the buttocks and thighs and this gets worse as you get older.

Make sure that this does not happen to you by having a diet that is healthy. This will mean having the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will also need to have some fats but keep these to a minimum and always try to have mono saturated ones. When you get fats try not to get them from fast food that is often high in calories and other things like salt and sugar which your body struggles to use effectively.

Fiber is one of the main elements that are required in order to promote digestive regularity. Not only that but it helps to soften stools making the process a great deal easier. Oats and other fiber rich breakfast cereals are a good way to integrate this into what you eat to help overcome constipation.

Dehydration may also be having a detrimental impact upon the condition and this is something that many people will have happen to them during a normal day. You can avoid this by drinking enough water. Avoid foods high in sugar as they are more liable to dry you out. Alcohol, derived from refined sugars is very bad and also gives you very little in the way of nutritional values.

You can also help with regards to promoting bowel movements which are regular and healthy y choosing foods which have mild laxative qualities. These include prunes and dried apricots and can be eaten at intervals through the day. Vegetables with a high fluid content like cucumbers are also good as well.

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