Monday, September 16, 2013

Chlamydia: Its Diagnosis, Treatment, Symptoms And Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles

By Mike J. Carter

Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles is one way to know if someone have been infected with Chlamydia. Chlamydial Infection, more known as Chlamydia, is now regarded as a very widespread sexually spread infection around the world today. About 75-80% infections are recorded in female patients and around 50-60% for male patients in the USA alone. This infection is primarily brought on by the Chlamydia trachomatis virus which just affects humans. This illness can be easily transmitted since there are almost no symptoms and may be passed to a different person unknowingly. It is spread to a different person primarily through sexual contact to a person already infected by the said virus.

Like I've mentioned earlier, symptoms are rarely noticeable however, if they're any signs that you might notice this may are the following for women: an extremely unusual vaginal discharge that are rather smelly, bleeding even between your menstrual period, abdominal pains which can be usually along with a slight fever. You might also experience burning sensations round the vagina and severe pain when urinating. Men, on the other hand, might experience pain while urinating, itchiness round the opening area of the penis, swelling or painful testicles, and relieve an overcast (sometimes clear) liquid being released od their penis.

Once you've notice some of these symptoms it is best to refer to your medical professional immediately. Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles will most likely be recommended by your doctor. Testing of Chlamydia is completed in a number of ways. This may be done most likely through a urine test or a swab sample test. Your doctor will most likely get a swab sample from your cervix of your woman and in the urethra assertive. This really is provided for a laboratory for testing. Results may come in after a couple of days. Though I don't exactly recommend this, Chlamydia testing kits are actually available for sale and you can perform the testing on the comforts of your home. The precision of these kits remains not reliable therefore i advise that you consult your doctor first before choosing a kit.

Treating Chlamydia is quite possible. Your practitioner might give your antibiotics to fight the virus. The most typical antibiotics that exist on the market today are azithromycin or doxycycline. Most doctors will surely recommend your partner to accept same antiobiotic too this really is to aid further spread the virus and prevent them from having the infection. With regular and accurate medication, the illness will more than likely get treated in about a week or two. It is very much advisable to have yourself re-tested once you have completed your medications. Additionally it is highly suggestible to prevent any sexual contact through the amount of your medications or until your medical professional clears you against the infection. Chlamydia not dealt with may bring further damage to the body and cause more severe ailments like pelvic inflammatory disease for women or nongonococcal urethritis for men. That is why you should get yourself treated once you learn getting the infection.

It would be such a relief if the Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles result will prove you negative of the disease however this won't guarantee that you won't have this infection ever. That is why it's always best to be aware of things you can do to prevent yourself from getting this disease. Use condoms properly when you have sex. Better yet, limit your sexual activity only to your partner, I mean, your husband or your wife. Maintain a good proper hygiene and prevent sharing personal items from other individuals. Your overall health is of big importance so now is the right time you begin taking care of it.

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