Sunday, September 22, 2013

How Magnetic Caps May Aid In Cancer Awareness

By Robert Sutter

Those who are invested in cancer awareness will be able to tell you that there is a multitude of strategies worth implementing. I think that some of them are more effective than others, especially when they have been modified over the course of time. Recently, though, the topic of magnetic caps has come to my attention after a story was read. The story in question has been able to instill the idea that more results could come about as the procedure is slowly but surely built upon.

As stated by an article posted on CBS New York, a new magnetic cap may be put into effect to help brain cancer patients. It is called the Novocure cap and what it is able to do is create an electric field around the brain for the sake of working against cancer cells. It is able to do so with the right level of strength put into place, disrupting their actions all the while. Considering that these cells stand a chance of dividing and moving separately from one another, I believe it's a story worth focusing on.

Not only has this cap been created but it has been tested a number of times in the past. The article said that, along with a cancer drug, it has been experimented on about 250 cancer patients. With this in place, it allows patients to block out the side effects of chemotherapy, which is seen as one of the most typical procedures patients can undergo. It's also worth making note of this cap's immediate potential, seeing as how it can increase a patient's life by a few months.

The article spoke about the limited number of side effects that have come to the brain as a result of these various therapies. The written piece in question said that, apart from warmth on the scalp following the procedure, there have been no findings that anyone could consider to be negative. This is noteworthy, especially when those in cancer awareness has been able to cite impacts with other methods. Chemo can harm brain cells if done enough, which is one example illustrated by organizations such as Voices against Brain Cancer.

While on the subject of the Novocure cap, though, I think that this is one that can help patients out if it is researched to a deeper extent. It seems like it can already help in terms of extending the lives of patients, if even to a small degree. If it has this potential, imagine what else it can do if it is given much more focus. It's an item that more than deserves it and I am sure that those who are invested in cancer awareness in general will be able to say the same.

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