Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ideas On How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

By Mia Kent

A bed bug is a parasite that depend on blood for their food source. Like the Atlanta bed bugs, they survive best on areas with a higher temperature or on room temperature. They usually feed at nighttime because they are nocturnes.

They can produce undesirable effects both in men and animals. Their bites can cause red, itchy bumps on the skin. There are people who cannot tolerate itchiness and result to severely scratching the swollen areas which can eventually lead to development of infection and puss. To solve these kinds of trouble, there are effective ways to eliminate their presence in your home.

Prevention or the act of doing something to prevent an occurrence from happening is the primary weapon to avoid bug problems. You can do this daily by keeping your mattresses, clothes, fabrics and areas clean. These parasites can cling to clothed worn outside. It is ideal if you allocate a place for your family to use in changing clothes before entering the main household.

If there is a proven problem of infestation, you should not lose control. Instead, be mindful that the parasites usually attach themselves to fabric and dark, warm areas. Look for these things and places. Take all removable cloths like bedsheets, blankets and pillow cases. Wash them immediately with an extremely hot water. Be careful because you might be burned. Wear protective gloves while doing this. Expose them in heat when drying.

Use a vacuum cleaner on sheets that cannot be removed. This is applicable to toys and fabric pillows ans sofa seats or foams. Sealing them in plastic bags for three days is enough to be assured that the insects that are still alive is already dead.

Keep in mind to throw the vacuum bag immediately after sealing it. Dispose it in a trash that is outside your house with a safe distance of approximately ten to twenty meters. This will prevent the vacuumed parasites from returning. Seal openings on the walls to close possible entrance of the insects.

Throwing the infested beds and boxes will give a higher assurance that breeding places were already taken cared of. But since step will be costly, you can instead buy preset sizes of plastic sheets to cover the beds and boxes. The covers should not be opened for at least twelve months. Lack of air kills the parasites slowly.

When you are sure that you have accomplished all the needed steps, decide to clean the rest of the house. You can use mild cleansers that will not harm the environment but is also effective like other brands. Put the sheets and cloths back on their proper places once done. You can repeat the process after ten days to make sure that infestation will not happen again.

It is not a no sweat task when it comes to getting rid of Atlanta bed bugs and their kind. You have to exert extra effort or otherwise, you will have to spend a significant amount in getting the services of an exterminator. Whichever you decide upon, a cheaper but effective way to kill and to eliminate these insects is always preferable.

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