Friday, September 20, 2013

Facts You Should Know Concerning Chlamydia And Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles

By Lauren G. Laurence

You need to first answer all the things left unknown regarding Chlamydia before you actually decide of getting Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles. Better knowledge and understanding can help you understand how to cope with this ailment. Chlamydia is really a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacteria known as Chlamydia trachmatis. Transmission of the virus can cause an infection to your urinary as well as productive system. Recent reports have shown Chlamydia as the most common STD in the USA alone affecting many and many citizens every year. That's why it is suggested for individual aging 25 years and older to get themselves examined yearly.

Chlamydia is a of the kinds of STDs that shows virtually no signs of the infection. That's the reason the infected person might have recently been infected for weeks or even months without knowing it. If symptoms that show it may include the following for women: vaginal irritation and itchiness, discharge within the vagina, lower abdominal pains, and even a burning sensation when urinating. Men, however, can have penis discharge, pain as well as swelling of these testicles, as well as a burning sensation when urinating. Chlamydia may also damage the rectum of both women and men. This is achieved either through anal sex or simply a spread from your cervix or vagina. Chlamydia, unlike most STDs, doesn't spread via casual contact like handshakes or using a personal item of the infected person. It really is contagious but mostly through direct sexual contact with the semen and a woman's vaginal secretions.

Chlamydia is treatable through antibiotics. If taken noisy . stage of the infection, these medications are highly effective. However, infected people are requested to bet tested again months after receiving treatment. It's also advisable for that partner of an infected person also to get tested and treated from your infection. This will assist stop further spread of the infection. Since symptoms are seldom mild to no signs at all, nearly all of time Chlamydia infections remain untreated. For Women, untreated Chlamydia can further cause damage to the uterus and the fallopian tubes. This might cause a pelvic inflammatory disease. PIDs can severely cause permanent injury to women's reproductive capabilities causing someone the inability to get pregnant as well as cause ectopic pregnancies. An expectant mother can pass the virus to her child which health issues to her newly born child.

Prevention is definitely better than cure is the thing that they say. I totally agree with it because the infection is spread through sexual contact, still the best method of prevention is abstinence. Having sexual contact with different partners increases your chance of getting the problem. It is best to stick to one mutual sexual monogamous relationship. One more good way to prevent getting contaminated with syphilis is protected and safe sex. Although, still not 100% effective, utilization of condoms will still safeguard you against getting the virus. In case you are somebody who has a habitual intercourse, plan a regular schedule in your doctor to get yourself tested.

Having yourself tested through Chlamydia Testing Los Angeles could be a great decision to save your health. Schedule a consultation with your doctor. Seek advice and do not hesitate to express all your concerns. Your doctor will let you know the next move. You will be adviced on what you should do to be able to live a normal life regardless of being infected by the virus. There are plenty of medical establishments that will help you. Most importantly, keep in mind that you are not alone. Get support from a group who may have been experiencing your condition. Look for website and forums online that can help you with this. Just obtain help before it is too late.

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