Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips For Preventing The Growth Of HPV

By Adam Heredia

When people are infected with the HPV virus it can lay dormant for a long time or in some cases forever. The virus presents its self on the surface of the skin in the form of a wart or a cluster of warts. Doctors warn that when warts appear the virus becomes very contagious; it is very easily spread from one part of your body to another or from you to another person.

One treatment that is effective in the treating of warts is Wartrol; A high power prescription free cream. No matter what treatment process you decide to take one thing is universally true. It will take time for the treatment to be effective. During the healing and treatment process it is important that you take some precautions.

A Helpful Guide to Prevent the Spreading of Warts

1. Keep your hands clean: it is imperative that you wash your hands regularly, especially after touching the wart or warts. It is the single most important thing you must do if you want to prevent the spreading of warts. You must wash your hands with a hand wash that kills germs and take care to wash your hands properly. The virus will attach its self to the skin on your hands and spread to other parts of your body.

2. Don't touch, scratch or pick: of course it would be best if you did not touch the wart at all. Touching can spread the virus to other parts of your body and to other people. Scratching and picking can spread the virus in the area which it has already infected. If you are finding it difficult not to touch then cover the wart with an adhesive plaster.

3. Do not comb, brush or shave the affected area: by shaving close to the affected are you are likely to break the surface of the skin. This will help the virus to spread within the affected area and cause more warts to appear. The virus is capable of attaching its self to everyday objects like combs and brushes. If you use these objects on the affected area and then use those same objects in an unaffected area the virus can spread.

4. Do not share certain items: because the HPV virus can attach its self to inanimate objects like towels, razors and combs it is important that you do not share these items with other people or use them on parts of the body that are affected by warts. The HPV virus can and will spread through the sharing of these personal items.

5. Seek treatment quickly: the longer you wait to treat the virus the more likely it is that the warts will spread.

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