Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For A Competent Therapist Streamwood Optimal Place To Look

By Cecile Ingram

When in need of a therapist Streamwood is a good place to be living. Regardless of the type of therapy you believe will give you the right kind of advice, there are a number of them available. It may be considered mental health counseling, however, seeking this help does not indicate you are crazy.

Seeking help is not an indication of weakness. Instead, it indicates having the strength to admit there is a problem and figuring out how to fix it. Professional help can improve the quality of life by eliminating the cause of an existing condition.

There are different therapies that are appropriate for treating different conditions. An obsessive compulsive disorder can be anything from washing your hands twenty-five times a day to checking a locked door over and over although you knew it was locked the first time.

Any therapist should have the prerequisite education and licensure. He or she can have a doctoral degree or a medical degree and be practicing psychiatry. The psychologist is educated to the doctoral level. The psychiatrist has a medical degree and is authorized to prescribe drugs to treat a condition requiring them.

Allow the psychologist to help you determine if prescription medication is required. Sometimes depression is a part of, or results from another disorder. If you see both professionals, they will maintain communication to provide the best possible care.

If a marriage is in trouble, both partners may undergo counseling. They may attend sessions individually or together. Sometimes it will be a combination to achieve the optimal outcome. If one spouse is reluctant to see the counselor, it may still be helpful for the other to be counseled.

One effective type of short term treatment is cognitive behavior therapy. CBT addresses a condition or problem directly. It does not explore the past to identify reasons for the unhealthy behavior. If the patient is fearful of something, the fear is confronted and gradually alleviated until a tolerable level of uneasiness is all that remains.

It is used to confront fear or get rid of incorrect beliefs. These incorrect beliefs can affect every aspect of the personality. They can be identified, understood and replaced with correct beliefs that will be productive and beneficial.

The advantages of CBT are that it is relatively short term and has a practical approach to resolving any issue. It can be fear of cats or a compulsion to clean an already clean home to an excessive degree. Any issue that obstructs living a pleasant life can be considered an issue that needs treatment.

Psychoanalysis is based on an unrelenting examination of childhood events that may be causative factors in current disorders. Modern psychotherapy is not that extensive but, can last for years. The patient can decide, with the help of the psychologist, what type of therapy is appropriate and how long it should last. When you make the decision to look for help from a therapist Streamwood will provide an extensive list to select from.

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