Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hobbyist Baseball Card Boxes For Sale

By Helene Norris

Its hard to imagine an American culture without baseball. From its start sports enthusiasts have found card collecting a worthwhile past time, as they collect team, player, autographed sets and rookies. Over the years trading and selling have become popular, with those in mint condition the most valuable. Cards kept in conditions free from aging, close to the same condition as when they were purchased have the best opportunities for selling. For those who want to sell cards storing them in baseball card boxes for sale will add to the value of the card.

It is also good to categorize into different boxes for storage. This is especially important for those who have been collecting for a number of years, and may have multiple cards relating to particular players, teams, or time periods. Categorizing will assist in easy access for time periods, teams and players.

Categorizing antique cards is essential for those dating to later 1800's. This is because businesses, instead of card producers typically made them as an advertising tool for their businesses. For this reason many collectors categorize by business for this time period. The first company to make them were cigarette companies, and they were used as backboards in packs of cigarettes, with one side a player, the other side a business advertisement.

Other businesses followed suit in the early 1900's. Candy companies began issuing their own sets in both America and Canada. Gum companies also began issuing sets with gum, first in Canada, and later in America in 1948.

For this reasons collectors that categorize cards in this time period are usually categorized by the company. This is because it was the companies that were releasing special sets that continued to advertise the player on one side and the company on the other. Cards are typically categorized by cigarette company, candy or gum company.

From 1948 production companies began issuing in sets, and many rare cards were produced. They are highly sought after by collectors today. Some of these included the rookie cards of players that went to on to become superstars, as well as legends, in the baseball industry. Others were personally autographed cards produced in limited editions. Even today rookie and autographed cards are some of the most valuable in the trade market.

Not all autographed cards are valuable. Some collectors prefer those without signatures. Some autographed can actually reduce the value. Rookie cards, for instance, with a signature may sell for less if collectors are looking for specific player rookies, without signatures. On the other hand, if a player was not well known, an autographed card may increase the value.

No matter what type of cards are collected, or what classification system is chosen, baseball card boxes for sale assist hobbyists in keeping antiques and sets in mint condition. Even those that might have been otherwise have been overlooked can be sold for high prices to collectors when kept properly. Storage in boxes greatly increases the life of the card and its value. Storage in boxes also preserves history, and allows hobbyists to trace unforgettable eras of sports.

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