Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Can Funding Come About For Brain Tumor Research?

By Rob Sutter

I believe that brain tumor research has grabbed the attention of many individuals for good reasons. It is clear that people can become united all because of this one case, one that is quite sizable to boot. However, it says a lot for individuals when this one trait allows them to come together for the sake of giving support. I believe that this is a condition that is worth funding and I can only hope that more is done in order to help the process along.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nick Doan had been diagnosed with glioblastoma only a couple of months ago. The case of this thirty-three year old man is especially troubling when you take into account that the tumor is situated in the brain in such a way that language may be hindered. The condition is one worth noting but what also deserves attention is the undying support given. The community made it a point to help alongside each other, all for the sake of Doan.

The story of this group coming together to help one person is rather uplifting. It shows that people within a certain community can perform strong acts for someone in need. While the story of Doan is great, it definitely opens up the possibility of more actions being taken in order to help awareness become much more prominent. Looking at a variety of examples, what if an organization decided to hold a benefit concert for the sake of raising money to go towards a particular cause?

Doesn't it seem like such an idea should come into play for organizations the likes of Voices against Brain Cancer? It seems to be that way, especially when you take into consideration that brain tumor research is perhaps one of the most recognizable causes you can think of. You can be certain that just about any event can help, whether athletic or not. If a run was conducted, then I'm sure those who are passionate about the cause will put forth the best effort imaginable.

To say that brain tumor research has earned a great deal of attention recently would be nothing short of an understatement. To me, it's perhaps the best cause to give support to, especially when you see just how many people back this as well. They understand that their efforts will have an impact, even if it's something as the simplest change made to a therapy method. When it comes to the causes which can gain attention, it's hard for me to find one more worthy than this one.

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