Thursday, September 12, 2013

Important Information About Dental Implants Oklahoma City Residents Need To Know

By Helene Norris

There has been a significant improvement in the area of dental care in the recent past. Despite of this, a large number of people are still affected by tooth loss. Tooth loss in human beings occurs due to various reasons. These include gingivitis, injury or tooth decay. Previously, the only treatments for missing teeth that were available were bridges and dentures. The dental implants Oklahoma City based health facilities provide are more effective than the previous options.

Dental implants are classified into two groups depending on the manner in which they are inserted. Endosteal are inserted in the bone while subperiosteal are placed on the bone. The endosteal implant is widely used. It includes screws, cylinders and blades that are surgically inserted into the bone. It has the ability to hold several prosthetic teeth. On the other hand, a subperiosteal implant is the best option for those with a difficulty in wearing conventional dentures and their bone height is very minimal.

To effectively benefit from the procedure, there are several requirements that have to be met. The patient is examined to ensure both the oral and general health is good. Healthy gums that are free from periodontal disease enhance the outcome of the surgical procedure. The treatment plan is tailored to address all the needs of the patient.

There are a number of advantages derived from dental implants. They help individuals achieve a desired appearance and hence improve their self-esteem. They eliminate problems of speech and allow people to communicate effectively. Implants are more convenient and eliminate the discomfort caused by removable dentures. They allow individuals to eat without any difficulty, are durable and help to improve the oral hygiene of the patients.

There are a number of things that can be done in preparation for the surgical procedure. A thorough evaluation is required prior to the surgery. A comprehensive dental exam consisting of X-rays may provide the required information. It is important give the doctor any information regarding medical conditions and medications being used. The treatment plan takes into account factors such as the condition of the jawbone and the number of teeth to be replaced.

Generally, the procedure is bearable and patients experience little discomfort. An anesthesia may be used to ease the pain. The mild soreness that occurs after the surgery can be managed using painkillers. The success rate is high which depends on the jaw bone where the insertion is made. The implant can last for a lifetime if it is maintained properly.

To sustain the results obtained after the treatment and prevent any complications patients are advised to practice proper oral care and seek follow-up. This can be done through flossing and brushing to maintain cleanliness and keep off plaques. Patients are advised to visit the dentist on a regular basis for an inspection.

There are several health risks of dental implants Oklahoma City residents need to know. These problems are rare and when they occur they are minor and easily treatable. There is a likelihood of infection at the site where the implant is placed. Surrounding structures such as blood vessels or other teeth may be injured or damaged in the process. Nerve damage may also occur leading to tingling, numbness or pain in the gums, teeth, chin or lips.

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